Hiring Field/Lab Technicians

Work with your advisor/supervisor to determine if you are allowed to hire field/lab technicians. You will need permission from your advisor/supervisor as well as an account number in which to pay the technicians. The Department put together a checklist to help you be sure all the necessary paperwork has been submitted – Employee Hiring Checklist 2021 (pdf).

When hiring a technician you need to determine the appropriate Job Classification and Pay Scale. These can be found on the Office of Student Employment website as seen on the checklist. Once you have the proper Job Classification, you can advertise that your job is available by posting flyers, having Molly-Jean Langlais-Parker send an email to Wildlife undergrads and other departments on campus, and/or by post the job opening on CareerLink through Office of Student Employment website.

Not every student at UMaine is eligible to be a student employee.  In order to be considered a student employee, the student must be: 1) enrolled or accepted in a degree-granting or certificate program and 2) enrolled at least half time – 6 credits for undergraduates, 3 credits or 1 thesis credit for graduates.  Non-University of Maine students can qualify for employment through the Office of Student Employment, they must verify at least half-time enrollment at an institution.  If a student does not meet the requirements, you have to hire them through the temporary employee process.


If you determine that the applicant can be hired as a student, there are forms that need to be completed. A WFCB Student Employee Authorization 2021(pdf) form is required for every student.  You can obtain a printed copy from Molly-Jean Langlais-Parker.  A Safety Worksheet will need to be completed as well which you can obtain from Katherine Goodine.  Please review the checklist to be sure that the other required forms are filled out. Please see Molly if you have specific questions.


Temporary change due to COVID-19 – all temporary employees have to be approved by the President of the University

If you cannot find a student employee that can work for you, you can hire hourly paid staff through the temporary employee system. This process uses a different list of Job Descriptions and a higher Pay Scale. You are also required to pay a fee to Human Resources of $0.75 per hour for them administering the system and you are required to pay 8% COLT benefits. If you need to pursue this venue, please work with Rena Carey on processing the required paperwork.  Temporary Employees are also required to meet all the University/USGS safety requirements.