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MS – Animal Behavior and Conservation | PhD – Landscape Ecology / Wildlife Conservation

MS Position in Animal Behavior and Conservation, University of Maine

An MS position is available to work in Alessio Mortelliti’s lab (alessiomortelliti.weebly.com) focusing on how individual variation in behavior (personality) impacts population, community, and ecosystem dynamics. The MS student will participate in a series of field experiments focusing on the ecological consequences of personality, using small mammals and seed dispersal as a model system. The study will be conducted in the context of an ongoing large-scale field experiment focused on land-use change and will include a citizen science component.  An example of the type of experiments we are conducting is available here: Brehm et al. 2019 Ecology Letters 22: 1387–1395

The ideal candidate would have a strong passion for fieldwork as well as the potential to develop strong quantitative and writing skills. Previous experience working with small mammals is not mandatory. The position is at the University of Maine flagship institution in Orono, with an active and diverse wildlife graduate department. The position is funded through an NSF Career grant to Alessio Mortelliti and it includes a stipend (through RA and TA, for up to 2.5 years), full tuition, and 50% of the health insurance. Expected start of the position: summer 2021 (TBD).

To apply please send (as one unique PDF file):
1) A cover letter addressing why you want this position and what skills you would bring to the project, 2) curriculum vitae, 3) unofficial transcripts, 4) GRE scores (if available) 5) contact for 3 references, to Dr. Alessio Mortelliti (alessio.mortelliti@maine.edu)

Application review will begin on April 12, 2021.

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updated 6/9/2021