Insurance Coverage (Vehicle and Other)


If you are receiving a stipend as a Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant, Fellow, or Trainee and you are automatically enrolled (unless proof of comparable medical insurance is provided) in the University of Maine Graduate Assistant Health Insurance Plan. Fifty percent of the insurance premium will be paid by your assistantship during the period that you are appointed. You may make arrangement with the Bursar’s Office to pay the insurance premium through payroll deduction. Dependent coverage is also available for an additional charge. Graduate students not supported under any financial aid through the University are eligible for the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) coverage at their own expense. Check the Graduate School website for more information.


All University employees on official business are covered under provisions of the Workmen’s Compensation Act. Volunteer laborers and those graduate students on fellowships, scholarships, or self-supported have no coverage – they must provide their own. This also includes those participating in student activities. Any graduate student having an accident of any type should notify her/his supervisor immediately and fill out and return proper paperwork to the Payroll and Accounting Office.


The University System Auto Liability Policy covers all vehicles owned by, or leased to, the University of Maine System. If any accident occurs, immediately notify your supervisor, Graduate Advisor and the Administrative Assistant. Collision coverage is required on vehicles leased to the University. The premium for collision coverage will be paid by the project account responsible for the lease of the vehicle. Collision costs are covered by the Motor Pool for any vehicle signed out from them. These guidelines are valid regardless of the user’s status (staff, graduate teaching assistant, graduate research assistant, student volunteer).

If you need to rent a vehicle from an outside vendor to conduct University business, you must rent through Enterprise or use a University Travel Card to pay for the rental in order to automatically be covered by liability insurance.  If you do not have a University Travel Card, Enterprise Rental Car accepts University of Maine Purchase Orders – work with Katherine Goodine to pay for a rental.  If you cannot rent from Enterprise or use a University Travel Card, you must contact Helen Chamberland at 207.973.3332 to discuss your options for liability insurance.