The large copier in Room 248 is also a printer and scanner that you can print to over the network – Louis Morin has to set this up for you.

You will need your supervisor to give Katherine Goodine an account number to use to charge your printing and you will be issued a seven-digit PIN NUMBER from the System Office that you will use for copies and printing. Copies are $0.03 each (two sided copies are charged per side).  There is no charge to scan and email documents.

A color printer is available in Room 210A that Molly, Katherine, and Rena can access. Small print jobs of 10 or less pages are no charge. If you have a larger job, please provide a request form and select IDO, get an account number and signature from your advisor.  Copies are $0.10 each.

If there is a printer in your office, you must check with your supervisor about ordering paper and toner or ink. Do NOT take paper from Room 248.

There is a color plotter in Nutting Hall that may be available for poster printing. You must work with Louis Morin to get your item printed. You will need a request form for an IDO.