Writing Tips

Do you have quick questions about citations, but not enough time to schedule a consultation? Check out our writing tips below!

Modern Language Association (MLA) Citation Guide

  • First and foremost: list your citations in alphabetical order within your works cited page.
  • Each citation should contain the following information:
    • Author:
      • This one is simple — who wrote or created the source you’re referencing? 
      • Authors should be listed with their surname first, followed by their first name. 
    • Title of text:
      • What source are you referencing?  
      • Books or full length collections should be typed in italics, while journal articles, website headings, and other fragmented works should be typed in quotation marks. 
    • Title of container (if applicable):
      • Where does the text appear?
      • If you’re referencing an entire book, this field does not apply to your citation. However, if you’re referencing an article from a journal or a website, you would name the journal or website here.
    • Version or volume: 
      • Is there more than one version or volume of the text you’re referencing
      • Following the title of both the text and its container, write which version or volume it appears in. 
    • Publisher: 
      • Who published this text and its container? 
    • Publication date:
      • When was the text published? 
  • Example: 
    • Wright, Debra & Bobb Briggs. University of Maine. Arcadia Publishing, 1999.