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Check out some of our consultants' published work!

Cara Morgan’s interactive multimodal piece, Mentoring Tutors-in-Training: A Peer-Educator’s Role in Shaping Writing Center Practice was published in the Spring 2019 edition of Queen City Writers.

Connor Ferguson and Paisley Keene were published in the same issue of The Dangling Modifier, a peer-reviewed journal by peer-consultants.  Check out Connor’s work titled Accessibility and Visibility in Writing Centers and Paisley’s titled What’s in a Name? at the links.

Lindsey Ruggiero’s article, Underrepresenting Empathy in the Writing Center, was published in the Spring 2020 Issue of The Dangling Modifier’s peer consultant magazine. 

Arend Thibodeau’s article, The Humanities Need a Better Understanding of the Human Condition, was also published.

NEWCA 2019

Consultants Amy Dias, Will Rosenberger, Paisley Keene, Cara Morgan, and Connor Ferguson and Director Paige Mitchell presented at NEWCA 2019

Cara Morgan presenting her work

Amy, Connor, and Cara

CWWCT 2018

Sam Johnson and Chris Hunter presented at the Colorado and Wyoming Writing Tutor Conference in 2018.

Sam and Chris presenting.

Chris presenting about Code Meshing. Check out Chris' abstract here!

Sam and Chris

MCELA 2017

Front (L-R): Emma Barnes, Cara Morgan, Molly Masters, and Amelia Reinhardt Middle (L-R): Tyler O'Keefe, Catherine Gottwalt, and Parker Midura Back: Brady Andrews

Catherine Gottwalt and Paige Mitchell look on during the presentation.

Cara Morgan, Molly Master, Tyler O'Keefe, Brady Andrews, Paige Mitchell, and Emma Barnes relax during some down time.

Tutors Tyler O'Keefe, Parker Midura, Brady Andrews, Emma Barnes, Cara Morgan, Catherine Gottwalt, Molly Masters, and Amelia Barnes pose outside at MCELA 2017.

Tutors are all smiles at the conference. As is this moose. Front (L-R): Emma Barnes, Cara Morgan, Molly Masters, and Amelia Reinhardt Middle (L-R): Tyler O'Keefe, Catherine Gottwalt, and Parker Midura Back: Brady Andrews

Back (L-R): Parker Midura, Amelia Reinhardt, Tyler O'Keefe, Brady Andrews, Peter Lowe, Molly Masters, Catherine Gottwalt, and Emma Barnes Front (L-R): Alex Mooney and Cara Morgan

Writing Center Honors

At the English Department Award Ceremony on May 3,consultants were recognized for all the hard work they put into this semester.

NEWCA Undergraduate Essay Award 

Morghen Tidd

Academic Conference Presentations and Symposiums

MCELA (The Maine Council for English Language Arts)

Morgan Jewett-Kent, Sarah LeFave, Ray Peck, Chris Sargent, Jimmy Ozog, Alexandria Mooney

CUGR Research Symposium (Center for Undergraduate Research)

Morgan Jewett-Kent, Sarah LeFave, Jimmy Ozog, Alexandria Mooney, Chris Sargent, Drew Beaupre, Jacqueline Palmer, Grace Marshall, Shelby Colburn

Thanks to all consultants for their hard work and fantastic representation of the Writing Center this semester!

Chris Sargent, Grace Marshall, Drew Beaupre, Sarah LeFave, Alex Mooney, Shelby Colburn, Jacquie Palmer, and Morgan Jewett Kent at CUGR
Tutors at the CUGR Symposium (L-R): Christian Sargent, Grace Marshall, Drew Beaupré, Sarah LeFave, Alexandria Mooney, and Shelby Colburn. Front: Jacqueline Palmer and Morgan Jewett-Kent

Morgan Tidd Takes the Cake!

Some consultants go above and beyond, and one of these is Morgan Tidd. The challenge was to write an essay about a writing center, and the stories that arise from working in one. Out of all the undergraduate entries, Morgan ultimately emerged as the sole winner. Props to her!

Read her award-winning essay here

MCELA Conference

All smiles in the group. L to R: James Ozog, Morgan Jewett-Kent, Christian Sargent, Maddeline Kelly, Sarah LeFave, and Alexandria Mooney.

Cool professionals and good cheer all around...

Still professionals, but let's have some fun.

Morgan and Alex are hard at work preparing.

Chris and Sarah take a quick break during prep time.

Alex, Chris, and Morgan watch attentively.

Our plagiarism presentation.

People discuss and watch post-presentation.

More discussion!

Northeast Writing Center Association Conference - April 18 and 19, 2015 at Centenary College, Hackettstown, NJ

Madeline Kelly, Morgan Tidd and Ben Bucklin were scholarship winners at the conference, and made a panel presentation entitled “Empowering a Writer’s Voice: Examining the Personal Pronoun and Identity”.  They packed the room and were recognized across campus for their efforts.

Tutors Present at NEWCA 2017

Emma Barnes, Catherine Gottwalt, and two other conference attendees sit before presenting.

Tyler O'Keefe engages with the audience while explaining the purpose of his research.

Amelia Reinhardt presents the early findings of their research.

Parker Midura engages with the audience while presenting.

Catherine Gottwalt and Emma Barnes present while other conference attendees look on.

Molly Masters, Cara Morgan, Amelia Reinhardt, Brady Andrews, Tyler O'Keefe, and Parker Midura all present.

Consultants Zhen Zhang and Lindsey Bailie present on APA formatting