“I’m so grateful for the opportunity to tutor at the Writing Center. Talking to and helping other students understand their own writing process constantly reaffirmed to me my own confidence in my knowledge, and it was always satisfying to hear from my clients that they felt I helped them. Also, as a creative writing concentration, I rarely got exposed to technical/analytical writing in my track, and so tutoring gave me that experience and helped make me feel like a more well-rounded writer. My future plans are still a little unclear at the moment, but I know that I want to take some time to travel and explore the world before I settle into a career. That being said, I know that the experience I had working with others, talking about writing, and familiarizing myself with this pedagogy will help me take on new challenges and opportunities in the future job market. I recommend tutoring to anyone who wishes to strengthen their writing process.”
English Major | WGS Minor
Writing Center Tutor 
“I have worked at the Writing Center for two and a half years as both a consultant and a tutor coordinator and have really loved the experience. Working with students and faculty from all disciplines has been a learning experience for me as well as a great way to help others! After graduation I will be returning to UMaine to pursue a Master’s in Economics over the next two years. I will be working with a group of students from a variety of programs–law, marine biology, environmental science–to conduct climate change research in the Arctic. My work at the Writing Center will not only help me to communicate our findings and policy suggestions in a clear and effective way, but I also feel more equipped to work with students from other disciplines, as I have been doing in the Writing Center for years. I am grateful for the leadership experience I have gained and the relationships I have built during my time with the Writing Center and look forward to utilizing it as a resource as I continue my education at UMaine.”
Economics & Communication Major, Class of 2021
Writing Center Consultant and Consultant Coordinator


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