We are open Sunday-Wednesday of Finals Week!

Upcoming Events:

Coming Soon: Online tutoring will be here any day now!

Summer 2016: We may be open during the summer. Make sure to be checking our schedule or call us to book an appointment, as we will have limited availability.


General Info

Director: Paige Mitchell (581.3832)

FounderHarvey Kail

Tutor Coordinators: Shelby Colburn and Grace Marshall 

ESL Specialists: Paige Mitchell, Zhen Zhang, Katie Wowk, and Lindsey Baillie

Email Address: umcenter@maine.edu (use this for any general questions or comments you may have)

First Visit?

Go to WCOnline to register and make an account (click here). From there, you will also be able to make appointments online. UMaine WCOnline login


At this point our tutors can’t staff every hour, so please check our schedule on line to be sure of an appointment.

9am-5pm in 402 Neville Hall Monday-Friday & 6pm-8pm in Fogler Library during our evening shifts

 To schedule an appointment today call 207.581.3828, make an appointment online here , or just walk in!

Writing Center tutors present at the CUGR symposium


Have an idea for the Writing Center? Want to see a specific workshop conducted? Let us know!

Follow this link to the Google form!

Beyond a tutorial we provide...

  • Tutoring in languages other than English (see About the Tutors for further details)
  • Online tutoring
  • Plagiarism, MLA, APA, and Grammar Workshops
  • PC Workstation with Internet access
  • Apple TV for presentations
  • A quiet, comfortable study environment with tutors ready to answer questions and give advice
  • A SafeZone trained environment


We have several tutors leaving us for bigger and better things. Congratulations to:

  • Tutor Coordinator Shelby Colburn
  • Kathy Hill
  • Morgan Jewett-Kent
  • Madeline Kelly
  • Michael Kennedy
  • Ray Peck

Best of luck to all of you! We’re so lucky to have had you with us!

What to bring to your tutoring session

The most important thing to bring is the assignment (if you have one) and any writing you have done so far on the assignment. Here is a helpful list of things to consider bringing:

  • The assignment (class notes, handouts, syllabus, etc)
  • Your paper, or multiple drafts of your paper
  • Research materials (this sometimes helps with citation questions or quoting)

Thank You

A huge thank you to the University of Maine Humanities Center for awarding us the $250 Sponsorship Grant for our tutors to present at the MCELA 2016 conference!