Finding a Student Job

If you are a student interested in employment, please review the following suggestions for job hunting:

CareerLink: UMaine has an official online job database which allows students to search for both on and off campus, and Federal Work Study and non-Federal Work Study Jobs. It is free to use and is available to you through your student email account (

  1. Click here to log in!
  2. Click here for a Student CareerLink Guide!

Department Contact Information: The Office of Student Employment has department contact information.  If you are interested in working for a specific department on campus, we can give you information to inquire about job opportunities. We recommend this if you are seeking experience in your field!

Some places hire year-round. Here are a few places to apply to get you started. Click the links below to visit their online application pages:

Off-Campus Job Listing: In addition to the resources we have to help students find on-campus jobs, we also keep a listing of local businesses that are hiring part-time positions.

We actively post new job listings on our Twitter and Facebook accounts. To stay up-to-date, follow us there to be the first to know when job posts are up!

We recommend if you are having issues finding a job to contact our office, and we can assist you with finding potential job leads.