Student Employee FAQs

 Q:  How do I find a job?

A: Go to our page ‘Finding a Student Job’.  From here, you will find information on contacting departments, logging into our job search website, and more!

Q:  What is Federal Work-Study?

A: Federal Work-Study is part of your financial aid package.  It is awarded based on your FAFSA. Our office can assist you in finding a work-study job, but we do not play a role in awarding you academic year work-study. Please contact Student Financial Aid for questions regarding work-study at (207) 581-1324 or by emailing them from your account at

Q:  I don’t have Federal Work-Study, how do I get it?

A: To be considered for federal work-study, your FAFSA must be submitted by the March 1st deadline.  If you are late to file – You will not be considered no matter your financial need. Federal Work-Study is awarded based on your financial need as reported in your FAFSA.  All questions regarding financial need and the FAFSA should be directed to Financial Aid at 581-1324. If you did not receive Federal Work-Study as part of your financial aid package – you will not be awarded it for this academic year.

Q:  Why didn’t I get Federal Work-Study?

A: There are a number of reasons why you may not have been awarded federal work-study.  Financial aid can look at your account and provide you with more information at 581-1324.

Q:  With work-study, how do I get paid?

A: Students are paid bi-weekly in a paycheck that is direct deposited into your bank account.

Q:  Is the earned work-study applied straight to my bill?

A: Work-study cannot be applied directly to your bill. As you accumulate hours you will earn a bi-weekly paycheck that is direct deposited into your bank account.

Q:  I don’t have federal work-study, can I work on campus?

A: Yes!  We post both federal work-study positions, as well as non work-study positions in CareerLink (See How do I find  job?).  We always suggest that students without federal work-study contact the dining halls, as they hire a lot of students on campus. In addition to checking CareerLink and talking with dining, students should contact any departments they are interested in working for.  Not all employers post their available positions with us.  It is important to be as proactive as possible about finding a job!

Q:  With Federal Work-Study, do I get assigned a job?

A: No, you are responsible for finding your own work-study position.

Q:  I found a job!  What do I do now?

A: Your employer will submit an authorization form to our office. These authorization forms are filled out every time you get a new job – OR if you are staying in the same position through summer, or the next academic year. Next, you will need to complete an I9. An exception to completing an I-9 is if you have done so already and have gotten paid within the last 12 months from the University.

YOU MUST HAVE TWO valid forms of identification to complete the I-9.  We accept a passport as both forms.  If you do not have a passport we will accept a photo id (e.g., driver’s license, Mainecard, etc.) BUT IN ADDITION you must also have either your birth certificate or social security card.  We DO NOT ACCEPT any copies, faxes, or expired documents. Here is a list of I-9 Acceptable Documentation!

 Q:  I don’t have my passport, social security card, or birth certificate!  What do I do?

A: You will need to get the appropriate forms of identification to present to us.  If you can’t travel home to get them – we suggest using a photo id (Mainecard, etc.) and having your birth certificate sent in a certified or insured mailing.

Q:  How do I enter my hours?

A: Once all paperwork has been processed by both the Office of Student Employment and Payroll, you will be able to log your hours into MaineStreet.

  • In your MaineStreet menu – select Employee Self-Service.  (If this option is not there, your paperwork has not been processed or there is a problem with your paperwork – in which case you would have been contacted).
  • From the Employee Self-Service menu – select Report Time, then Time Sheet.  You will be able to post current hours being worked, as well as hours for previous and next time periods here.
  • This guide may be able to help you further!

Q:  I didn’t get paid, what happened?

A: Were you able to enter your hours in MaineStreet?

o   Yes – It’s possible that the hours were not entered/approved in time for the payroll deadline. You should contact your supervisor.

o   No – It’s possible there is a problem with your paperwork, or it has not been processed yet.

Q:  Where’s my check?

A: Checks are direct deposited into the bank account you provided on your employee self-service tab.  If you have not yet signed up for direct deposit then it is possible that it has been issued as a live check and sent to your mailing address listed on MaineStreet.

Q:  What happens when I’ve earned all my work-study money?

A: Most employers are not able to pay students from their own budget.  This means that when you have earned all of your work-study award, your employment will be terminated.  If the employer has the funding to pay you from their own budget they may choose to keep you on and continue paying you. If your employment in the work-study position is terminated, you may find a non work-study job for the remainder of the academic year.

Q:  Can I only earn half of my work-study in the Fall?

A: No.  You may earn all your work study in the fall if you would like, or in the spring. If you choose not to earn your work-study until the spring semester – you MUST watch for communications from our office to your University of Maine System email.  If you do not notify us that you will be using your work-study it will be taken away and we will not be able to reinstate the award.

Q:  What happens to my work-study if I don’t find a job?

A: You may keep your work-study and continue looking.  You MUST notify us that you intend to use it, or the award will be taken away.  We will notify you of this through your University of Maine System email. You will not be negatively affected the following year if you do not use your work-study award. You have the ability to cancel any part of, or all of your award with financial aid if you choose.  The award will not be reinstated if you choose to do this.

Q:  Can I use my work study in the summer?

A: There are separate work-awards in the summer.  They are awarded based on your FAFSA status for the previous academic year. Students must apply for these separately through the Office of Student Employment in the Spring semester; when the form is available, it will be posted on our ‘For Students’ page under Summer Federal Work Study Application.

Q:  How many hours can I work?

A: Students can work up to 30 hours a week during the academic year. Over breaks (breaks that consist of more than 5 consecutive days), students may work up to 40 hours. International students can work up to 20 hours per week while school is in session, they can work up to 40 hours during official school breaks.

Q:  Can I have more than one job?

A: Yes!  You may have as many positions as you would like – However, the hours you are able to work in a week remain the same.  No matter how many jobs you have, students who are U.S. citizens are only allowed to work 30 total hours during a typical academic week.  40 hours are permitted during breaks consisting of 5 full class days off (e.g., Winter Break). If you are an international student, federal regulation allows you to work 20 hours, maximum, during the academic week and up to 40 hours a week during school breaks.

Q:  Can I earn overtime?

Because students are not to exceed 30 hours during a typical academic week, you would not ever be paid overtime.  If you have received special permission to exceed 40 hours during a vacation week – overtime would be paid to you by your employer.  This does happen at times during summer employment.