Mandatory Paperwork

Use this checklist to ensure all of your necessary paperwork is completed!

1. Federal I-9 Form

The Federal I-9 Form is the official Employment Eligibility Verification document.  This form must be completed once the job is activated on MaineStreet. Once the job is activated the student then has access to complete the first portion of the I-9 electronically through MaineStreet → Employee Self-Service → Personal Details. Once the first portion is completed, the student then comes to our office with their documents so that our office can verify and complete the second portion of the I-9.

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The Federal I-9 Form MUST be completed within 3 business days of the student’s first day of employment. If an I-9 is not completed for a student within 3 business days of beginning work, they will be required to STOP working until all required paperwork is completed.

2. Student Employment Work Authorization Form

When a student is hired in a department for the first time, the employer will need to fill out the Student Authorization Form. This form is an electronic authorization that departments have access to via Mainestreet. Once completed, the student will receive a email to their account stating that they need to approve their position before our office is able to process the authorization. Instructions on how to approve a student job can be found here. Once the student employee has accepted their position within Mainestreet, our office will send the authorization to payroll for set up.

  • The Student Authorization Form needs to be completed every academic year and every summer (if the student is working during the summer term)
  • The Student Authorization Form must be completed before a student begins working
  • Once completed the student Authorization Form must be submitted to the Office of Student Employment for processing

3. University of Maine Direct Deposit

All new, first-time student employees and student employees who have not worked for the University in the past 12 months must enroll in Payroll Direct Deposit.  Direct deposit is mandatory for all student employees.  Students should enroll in Payroll Direct Deposit on MaineStreet.


PLEASE NOTE: Students will not have access to enroll in Direct Deposit until their required I-9 form and Authorization form have been completed, submitted to Student Employment, and processed.

4. Federal & State W-4 Form

Student employees W-4 form is automatically completed by payroll when the student is a new hire. If a student employee would like to update their W-4, they can do so by accessing MaineStreet → Employee self-service →  ‘Pay’ Tile and then clicking “W-4 Tax Information” tab located on the menu.

PLEASE NOTE: Students will not have access to update their W-4 information until their required I-9 form and Authorization form have been completed, submitted to Student Employment, and processed.

The Office of Student Employment and the Payroll Office can answer basic questions about how to complete the form, but cannot offer any advice on what to file on the form.  Students who have tax questions should speak with their parents or their tax professional.


  1. Student earnings, including Federal Work-Study, are taxable.
  2. If you file “EXEMPT” on your W-4, your exempt status is only valid for one year.  If you wish to continue your exempt status, you must file a new W-4 every January.
  3. All student employees are exempt from FICA (Social Security Tax) provided they are enrolled at least half time, including the summer term.