Residence Hall Descriptions

The University of Maine campus has 17 different residence halls, providing a wide variety of building and community styles to meet students’ needs.  For the 2018-2019 academic year, our communities and halls will include:

  • Six residence halls dedicated to first-year students, including Androscoggin, Knox, Cumberland, Gannett, Somerset, and Oxford, Halls
  • First-year students will be living in York, Aroostook, Kennebec and Hancock Halls as well
  • Two floors dedicated to Transfer Students in York Hall
  • Seven different themed housing Living Learning Communities (LLCs), which provide first-year students the opportunity to live with peers who share a common interest
  • Four residence halls dedicated primarily to second-year students, in Hart, Hancock, Oak and Kennebec Halls
  • Three residence halls for Honors students, including Penobscot, Colvin and Balentine Halls
  • Two on-campus apartment complexes for juniors and seniors in DTAV and Patch Halls and one traditional living area for juniors and seniors in Estabrooke Hall