Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

Requirements for the Philosophy major are:

  • A minimum of 30 credit hours in philosophy
  • A minimum of 21 credit hours (7 courses) in philosophy at 200 level or higher
  • A minimum grade of C- for a course to count towards the major
  • A minimum GPA in the major of 2.0
  • Three credit hours in ETHICS: PHI 230 or PHI 240 or PHI 344 (for students that declare major after September 1, 2014)
  • Three credit hours in LOGIC: PHI 103 or PHI 250
  • Nine hours in the HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHY including PHI 210, PHI 312 and one of the following: PHI 212, PHI 214, PHI 286, PHI 287, PHI 317, PHI 342, PHI 343, PHI 346, PHI 420
  • CAPSTONE EXPERIENCE: PHI 475 Junior/Senior Philosophy Seminar


Example of a Four-Year Program for a Major in Philosophy

First Year:
Two 100-level philosophy courses

Second Year:
PHI 103 Methods of Reasoning or PHI 250 Logic
PHI 210 History of Ancient Philosophy (offered every fall)
PHI 312 History of Modern Philosophy (offered every spring)

Third Year:
One upper-level philosophy courses, possibly including PHI 230 Ethics, or PHI 240 Social & Political Philosophy, or PHI 344 Theories of Justice, and PHI 475 Junior/Senior Seminar (offered every spring)
History of Philosophy course (See list above)

Fourth Year:
One or two upper-level philosophy courses, including PHI 475 Junior/Senior Seminar (if not taken in Junior Year)


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