Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

Requirements for the Philosophy major are:

  • A minimum of 30 credit hours in philosophy;
  • At least 21 credit hours (7 courses) in philosophy must be upper level courses, i.e., courses above the 100 level;
  • PHI 200;
  • Three credit hours in logic: PHI 103 or PHI 250;
  • Nine hours in the History of Philosophy including PHI 210, PHI 312 and one of the following: PHI 212, PHI 214, PHI 286, PHI 287, PHI 317, PHI 342, PHI 343, PHI 346, PHI 420;
  • PHI 475 Junior/Senior Philosophy Seminar;
  • A minimum grade of “C-” for courses to count toward the major.
  • Completion of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences requirement for the B.A. degree (for students admitted for Fall 2011 and after): a minor outside the field of your major, or a double major. For students admitted prior to Fall 2011 the old B.A. requirements remain in force unless you choose to adopt the new B.A. requirement of a minor outside your major field or a double major. If you have questions, please consult with your advisor.
  • Completion of University General Education requirements.

A Typical Four-Year Program for a Major in Philosophy

  • First Year
    Two 100-level philosophy courses
  • Second Year
    PHI 200 Problems in Recent Philosophy
    PHI 210 History of Ancient Philosophy
    PHI 312 History of Modern Philosophy
  • Junior Year
    Two or three upper-level philosophy courses, possibly including PHI 475 Junior/Senior Seminar
  • Senior Year
    Two or three upper-level philosophy courses, including PHI 475 Junior/Senior Seminar (if not taken in Junior Year)

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