The Philosophy Department offers a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, as well as Minors in Philosophy and Ethics. Nationally in 2006, Philosophy majors, as a group, had higher mean scores on the Graduate Record Examination Verbal Reasoning and Analytical Writing Sections than students in any other major, and scored higher than other humanities and most social sciences in the GRE Quantitative examination. In 1992 only Philosophy majors were five percent or more above the mean on the LSAT (law), GMAT (graduate management), GRE Verbal and GRE Quantitative examinations. The Department also encourages double majors. Philosophy majors often double up with political science, journalism, English, history, or some other major. They are valued in professions such as law, medicine, government and others for their liberal learning, their ability to think and communicate, and their grasp of human nature and values. Students who wish to further their studies, may pursue a Master of Liberal Studies.