2021 New Media Night in Mozilla Hubs

Seniors mount New Media exhibitions in virtual space

From a web-based gallery of videos, to a virtual opening surrounded by 3d mountains, to an afterparty conversation around a digital campfire, this year’s New Media seniors found unusual ways to celebrate their innovative capstones with their families and classmates.

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New Media seniors win seven university research awards

New Media seniors have been honored with a record-setting seven university awards for 2020-2021. The creative approaches recognized by these prestigious fellowships include apps, games, and an installation designed to help students cope with the anxieties of contemporary life, especially under a global pandemic.

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DisUpgrade—Allison Priole

Allison Priole creates 3D Lightsaber hilts for children’s white canes, breaking down disability stigmas and connecting kids through shared culture.

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Fort Foster

Fort Foster Time Machine – Annie Hepburn

The purpose of this capstone is to engage one of the oldest communities in Maine in a new immersive technology, allowing for preservation of history and education. Keeping with the theme of connecting the old with the new, the plan with this project is to connect this new technology with antique machinery, making for a […]

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The Mr. O Project-Tate Yoder

  As advancements in and access to technology continue to warp every area and sector of our modern world, our communication mediums to connect with each other are changing as well. We now have the ability to have access and contribute to an extremely vast amount of digital information on a global scale. This type […]

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Sounds of Maine-Eliza Bennett

  Eliza Bennett is a senior New Media student and currently a front end developer at Redfin Solutions in Portland, Maine.  Her future goals are to still delve into her UX Design skillset and her artistic background to create art and experience on a vast variety of platforms.   What is “Sounds of Maine”? Birds […]

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