2019 Mathematics Capstone Presentations

Talks will take place in 421 Neville Hall at 10:00 am and at 10:20 am.

Mon, 4/22 Isaac Vaccaro Algebraic Representations of Western Music
Wed, 4/24 Nicholas Alvarez Evolutionary Game Theory
Barrett Dunn Recognizing and Controlling Chaos Many people believe chaos and randomness are synonymous. However, chaotic systems possess certain characteristics that allow them to be predicted and controlled to a degree. We will look at various ways to recognize chaotic systems, methods to control chaos, and real world applications of chaos theory.
Fri, 4/26 Matthew Ackley Lexicographic Sensitivity Analysis Many real world events admit mathematical models with points of non-differentiability in the classical sense. We consider Clarke’s generalized Jacobian and the stepping stone of lexicographic differentiation in order to analyze system sensitivity of one such nonsmooth model, which describes the body’s response to glucose intake.
Mon, 4/29 Connor Beebe Continuous Nowhere Differentiable Functions
Evan Jiang Robust Linear Regression Ordinary least squares can be misleading sometimes. We will introduce the properties of robust linear regression, and compare with ordinary least squares regression when there are outliers in data set.
Fri, 5/3 Becca Campbell Google’s PageRank Algorithm