So your major requires MAT 115, 116, or 122…

If you have not done so already, you should take at least the first two (2) sections of the ALEKS Exam.

If you score between 61.00-75.00, you can register directly for MAT 115, MAT 116, or MAT 122. (If you score 76.00 or higher, you may want to talk to your advisor about considering MAT 126 instead.)

If you score between 30.00-60.00, you will need to obtain a grade of C or higher in MAT 111 Algebra for College Mathematics. You should register for MAT 111.

(If your major also requires other MAT/STS classes besides 115, 116, 122, or 126, be sure to talk with your advisor about the best time to enroll in those.)