Angela Daley


📈 Economics, 🍞 Food security, 🦟 Health and the environment, 🩺 Human health, 😷 Public health, 🏡 Rural communities

Daley is an applied microeconomist in the fields of labor and health.  She studies economic well-being, health and the relationship between them.  She is particularly interested in the role of policy in mitigating disparities.  Daley characterizes policy problems, and evaluates the intended and unintended consequences of policy solutions.  Her research focuses on vulnerable individuals and families, such as those in rural and remote communities, Indigenous Peoples, and other minority groups and those who are poor or economically insecure. Visit Daley’s biography to learn more.

A bubble chart demonstrating a 50% research 50% teaching appointment split.
Daley balances teaching (50%) courses about microeconomics and health economics, and research (50%) on economic well-being, health, and the relationship between them.

Appointment details

Daley’s work is supported by:

  • School of Economics at the College of Natural Sciences, Forestry and Agriculture
  • Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station

Experiment Station contributions

  • Current project: The Determinants of Well-Being and Policy Options for Rural and Communities and Other Vulnerable Populations. Hatch project number ME021904