Lobster Bulletin

In 2017 our longstanding Lobster Bulletin was discontinued. In its place we now offer two free subscriptions: 
  • Lobsters-in-the-News As of 2019 our semi-monthly Lobsters-in-the News provides timely links to lobster-relevant news articles from online news sources around the world.  Back issues may be found here.
  • The Lobster NewsletterOriginally conceived in 1988 by Dr. J. Stanley Cobb (Univ. Rhode Island) and John Pringle (Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada) the Lobster Newsletter is now co-produced by UMaine’s Lobster Institute and Western Australia Fisheries, The Newsletter appears once or twice a year and features more in-depth research updates, perspectives, art and humor from the global lobster community – scientists, industry members, and fishery managers alike. We especially encourage submissions from students.  Back issues are hosted by WA Fisheries here
Contact the Lobster Institute regarding subscriptions or submissions.

Note: Past Bulletins may contain an old phone number for the Lobster Institute. Our current number is 207-581-1443.