J-1 Student Regulations

Maintaining J-1 Student Status:

  1. You must be enrolled full time.  Graduate students: at least 6 credits, Undergraduate students: at least 12 credits
  2. You must not enroll for more than 3 online credits per semester
  3. Do not work OFF campus with out authorization from your International Student Advisor and/or the US Immigration Service
  4. ON campus work should be authorized by the International Student Advisor and  is limited to 20 hours per week during the Fall and Spring semesters.  During school breaks you can work up to 40 hours.
  5. You and your dependents in the US must have health insurance at all times.  Read more about the Department of State insurance requirements.
  6. Request a “travel signature” on page 1 of your DS2019 if you plan to leave the US.  The signature is valid for only one year so request a travel signature each year.  Without a valid travel signature you may not be allowed to return to the US.
  7. Complete your studies by the expiration date of your DS2019.  If you need additional time request an extension from ISSS staff.
  8. Complete a change of address form or notify ISSS staff by email within 10 days if you change your address.
  9. Carry your original passport and DS2019 with you, especially when traveling outside the Bangor area.

You can refer to the complete J-1student regulations for more information but be sure to request assistance from an ISSS advisor before making an important decision.  Regulatory language is open to interpretation.  You want to be sure that you are following the law as interpreted by the Department of Homeland Security.