Update Your Address

All F-1 and J-1 students and scholars must report their residential (where you live in the U.S.) address within 10 days of a move.  Your residential address is where you live in the US.  Please do not use your office or foreign address.

J-1 scholars: please log in to your account through eoip.um.maine.edu. Then complete the “J-1 scholar US address update form” in the J-1 Scholar Services menu on the left side of the page. If the form is successfully submitted you will receive an email confirming that the form has been received. If you need assistance accessing your account, please contact umaineimmigration@maine.edu or call (207)-581-3437

Instructions F-1 and J-1 STUDENTS to update your LOCAL address in MaineStreet:

Step 1: Login to your student account using your @maine.edu username and password

Step 2: In the Student Center, scroll down to the “Personal Information” section and click the arrow in the drop down box labeled “other personal”. Then select “Addresses” from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Click “Add a new address” (if you do not have a local address yet) or click the red pencil to edit the existing local address

Step 4: Enter the address where you live in the US and then click “OK”

Step 5: Select “Local” in the “Address Types” box

Step 6: Click “Save”

Students on OPT must also login to their SEVP portal to update their residential address, within 10 days of moving.