Franco American Studies at the University of Maine

Franco American Studies is an interdisciplinary program that explores the French cultures of the United States. Its emphasis is on the people of Franco American heritage in Maine and the Northeast region but it recognizes that cultural patterns do not stop at national borders.

The primary goal of Franco American Studies is to broaden the canon of knowledge on Franco American peoples, culture, and literature. It encourages and facilitates faculty engagement, undergraduate exploration, and community research as it becomes a research and learning center for the people of Maine and beyond.

Franco American Studies also has a deep commitment to education. It seeks to prepare students to reflect upon and understand their world. Combining different disciplinary offerings with interdisciplinary core courses, it encourages students to investigate the historical, political, social, and cultural forces that have shaped the Franco American community and by extension, the distinct racial and ethnic communities throughout the United States. Franco American Studies teaches an awareness and understanding of cultural difference, a necessary knowledge in today’s increasingly global society.

Courses in Franco American Studies

We offer at least one course per semester on Franco American communities.  The offerings vary from semester to semester.  You can easily search which courses we are offering through this link. Just click on the link on the left hand side for “Class Search” for student and guest users. Our courses are offered through the University of Maine under the subject “FAS.”

FAS 101 – Introduction to Franco American Studies
FAS 120 – People, Places and Pasts
FAS 240 – French Exploration and Settlement of Maine, 1604-1760
FAS 329 – Topics in Franco American Studies
FAS 442 – French Language of North America
FAS 459 – Colonial Canada
FAS 250 – Exile, Migrations and Communities
FAS 270 – Immigration, Yesterday and Today
FAS 200 – SL: Primary Sources in Franco American Studies
FAS 170 – Transnational Beat, Jack Kerouac

Minor in Franco American Studies

Students enrolled at the University of Maine can minor in Franco American Studies.  In FAS courses, we explore what it means to be Franco American today.  Taught in English, we examine cultural traditions, history, the social significance of language and gender. The courses are built to complement all majors, threading through different general education requirements.

Help with Research Projects

We are very happy to help with research projects at all levels and of all kinds.