Faculty Handbook

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This Handbook is an information guide for University of Maine faculty, and does not supersede any collective bargaining agreements made by the Associated Faculty of the University of Maine (AFUM). The goal of the handbook is to capture key elements of administrative policy and faculty responsibility in a single resource that can provide guidance for all faculty at the University of Maine.

This document has been assembled by the Constitution and Bylaws Committee (CABC) of the Faculty Senate. It is our intent that this will be an electronic document and that it will be updated once per semester by the CABC. Minor changes, such as updating a URL associated with policy which does not significantly impact faculty responsibilities or independence will be made on an ad hoc basis. All substantive changes will be required to be brought to the attention of the Faculty Senate and will be subject to a vote on during regular faculty meetings.

Comments of any sort as well as additions or corrections are solicited. For simplicity, please clearly indicate what you wish to add or subtract including the current text and the proposed text. If substantive this information will be presented to the senate in the form of a motion and will be subject to a vote. All corrections should be directed to the chair of the CABC and copied to the president of the faculty senate.


Chapter 1: An Introduction to the University of Maine and the University of Maine System

1.1 The Roles of the University of Maine
1.2 Governance on Campus
1.3 The University of Maine Faculty Senate
1.4 Faculty Senate – Motion on Shared Governance – 1/29/2003
1.5 Appointment, Retention, Promotion, and Tenure

Chapter 2: Faculty Privileges, Professional Ethics, and Responsibilities

2.1 Academic Freedom
2.2 Free Speech and Assembly
2.3 Professional Ethics and Plagiarism
2.4 Open … reserved
2.5 Student Evaluation of the Faculty
2.6 Faculty Review of Administrators

Chapter 3: Course Instruction Procedure and Guidelines

3.1 Course/Instruction Procedures and Guidelines

3.1.1 Course Modifications and New Courses

3.1.2 Faculty Office Hours

3.1.3 Advising Students

3.1.4 Course Syllabi

3.1.5 Distribution of the Syllabus

3.2 Class Periods

3.2.1 Class List

3.2.2 Class Attendance

3.3 Disruptive Behavior
3.4 Cheating, Plagiarism, and Academic Integrity
3.5 Tests and Examinations

3.5.1 Types of Examinations

3.5.2 Examination Scheduling

3.5.3 Absence from Final Examinations

3.5.4 Machine Scoring of Examinations

3.5.5 Examination File

3.6 Grades and Grading

3.6.1 Approved Grading Symbols and Definitions

3.6.2 Grading Policies

3.6.3 Transfer Grades

3.7 Academic Achievement Awards
3.8 Textbooks and Academic Supplies

Chapter 4: Policies, Guidelines, and Procedures

4.1 Travel Policies
4.2 Cancellation of Classes Because of Weather
4.3 Alcohol and Drug Policies; Smoking Policy
4.4 Nondiscrimination Policy
4.5 Affirmative Action Policy
4.6 Harassment Policies
4.7 Hazing Policy.
4.8 Complaint Procedure..
4.9 Weapons Policy
4.10 Violence in the Workplace Policy
4.11 Whistle blower Protection Act
4.12 AIDS Policy
4.13 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
4.14 Media Communications Policy
4.15 Pet Policy

Chapter 5: Research and Scholarly Activity

5.1 Research
5.2 Grants, Contracts and Extramural Funding

Chapter 6: Helpful Information and Resources

6.1 Maine Card
6.2 Parking on Campus
6.3 Campus Mail
6.4 Telephone System
6.5 Faculty Pay Schedule
6.6 Childcare Facilities on Campus
6.7 University Housing
6.8  Auditoriums and Performance Spaces

6.8.1 Maine Center for the Arts/Hutchins Concert Hall

6.8.2 Other Auditoriums and Theaters

6.8.3 Minsky Music Recital Hall

6.8.4 Hauck Auditorium

6.8.5 Al Cyrus Pavilion Theater

6.9 Museum of Art
6.10 Recreational Facilities and Athletics
6.11 Open … Reserved
6.12 University IT  Updated IT Links
6.13 Fogler Library

6.13.1 URSUS

6.13.2 Mariner

6.13.3 Library Checkout Privileges

6.13.4 Interlibrary Loan

6.14 Recycling
6.15 Presidential Achievement Awards

6.15.1 Presidential Research and Creative Achievement Award

6.15.2 Presidential Outstanding Teaching Award

6.15.3 Presidential Public Service Achievement Award

6.16 Center for Teaching Excellence

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