Senate Structure

Faculty Senate Members

The Faculty Senate consists of:

  • 1 Senator for each 10 full time faculty (each college shall have at least 4 Senators)
  • President, University of Maine (non-voting)
  • Executive Vice President & Provost for Academic Affairs
  • Vice President for Research
  • Deans’ Council Representative
  • Two Undergraduate students
  • One Graduate student

Faculty Senate Officers

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Faculty Representative to the Board of Trustees

Faculty Senate Committees

Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate.

The senate officers and the chairs of the above standing committees constitute the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate. If any of the Colleges is not represented by an elected officer or an appointed Committee Chair, the Senate President shall appoint a representative for the college to serve as a member of the Executive Committee.

Parliamentary Procedure

The Faculty Senate Constitution states that it adheres to Robert’s Rules of Order. Members should review a Summary Version of Robert’s Rules of Order. The Faculty Senate has traditionally followed a relaxed form of Robert’s Rules using the raising of a hand in order to be recognized by the Chair and with no need of seconding a motion that comes to the floor from a Committee. For motions, a quick reference chart for Parliamentary Procedure in a Nutshell is available.