General Education Committee

Assessment of General Education

Our next assessment session is January 16th (Thursday), 2020, 8:30-12:00. We will be assessing Cultural Diversity and International Perspectives courses. Click here to register. All faculty, graduate students, and part time faculty are invited participate. We will provide breakfast and lunch.

Reports from prior rounds of assessment:

Western Cultural Traditions (spring 2018)

Social Contexts and Institutions (spring 2019)



Purpose of Outcomes for General Education

Significance of Outcomes for General Education

General Education Committee Members


Specific general education requirements being proposed include the following:




Demonstrated Writing Competency

Arts and Creative Expression

Social Context and Institutions

Cultural Diversity or International Perspectives

Population and Environment


Please consult the Faculty Resources > Gen Ed Committee Conference folder on First Class to make suggested edits or to comment on each of the proposed General Education requirements.


General education outcomes approved by Faculty Senate:

Western Cultural Tradition

Quantitative Literacy (replaces Mathematics)

Archival General Education Website and Background Documents