COEHD students showcase research, creative works at UMSS23

The 2023 University of Maine Student Symposium (UMSS23) is Friday, April 14 at the Collins Center for the Arts from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Three-time College of Education and Human Development alumna and 2022 Maine Teacher of the Year Kelsey Stoyanova is giving this year’s keynote speech.

Several undergraduate and graduate students in the college will be presenting research and creative projects. Below is a roundup of presentations in the Education category. More information about UMSS23, which is part of Maine Impact Week, is online.

  • Title: “Pro-Choice Abortion Signs: A Content Analysis of Signs at Rallies Since the Supreme Court Ruling in June 2022”
    Author(s): Caitlin Crawford, Emily Amaral, Taylor Sullivan
    Faculty Mentor: Sandra L. Caron
  • Title: “Sex Education Provided by Apple: A Content Analysis of Sexual Education Applications for Teenagers”
    Author(s): Colleen Ford, Alanna Chavaree, Sally Stead
    Faculty Mentor: Sandra L. Caron
  • Title: “Child Development Lab Schools at U.S. Colleges and Universities: Comparing Characteristics and Costs”
    Author(s): Seana Mackeldey, Kaiisha Pluard, Thomas Broadhead
    Faculty Mentor: Sandra L. Caron
  • Title: “Back-to-School Post-Covid: A Content Analysis of Newspaper Coverage of the Major Issues Faced by Students, Teachers, Administrators, and Parents”
    Author(s): Jacquie Mullally, Emma Carbone, Jordan Sullivan
    Faculty Mentor: Sandra L. Caron
  • Title: “Fostering an Equitable and Inclusive Learning Community”
    Author(s): Sean Sibley
    Faculty Mentor: Kelley Strout
  • Title: “Examining Equity-Minded Search Committee Trainings to Mitigate Bias and Ensure Equity”
    Author(s): Jade Laplante
    Faculty Mentor: Leah Hakkola
  • Title: “‘It’s a College Town’: Understanding Community Colleges as College Access Change Agents in Rural Communities”
    Author(s): Devin Franklin
    Faculty Mentor: Kathleen Gillon
  • Title: “Be a Tree: Pre-Service Teachers Reflective Practice of Their Whole Identity”
    Author(s): Virginia Dearani
    Faculty Mentor: Susan Bennett-Armistead
  • Title: “The Impact of Outdoor Learning: A Case Study”
    Author(s): Heather Manchester
    Faculty Mentor: Maria Frankland
  • Title: “The Factors Impacting the Recruitment and Retention of Community Partners for an Extended Learning Opportunities (ELO) Program at a Rural Maine High School: An Exploratory Case Study”
    Author(s): Britton Wolfe
    Faculty Mentor: Maria Frankland
  • Title: “Measures for Supporting First-Generation College Students with Healthy Strategies for Coping with Stress”
    Author(s): Emmanuel Duodu
    Faculty Mentor: Elizabeth Allan
  • Title: “Multilingual Learner Disproportionality in Intellectual and Developmental Disability: Practitioner Recommendations”
    Author(s): Abdur Rehman Tariq, Melissa J. Cuba
    Faculty Mentor: Joshua Taylor
  • Title: “Restorative Mindsets: How Elementary Educators Come to Hold and Maintain a Restorative Mindset Toward Students”
    Author(s): Ashley Reynolds
    Faculty Mentor: Ian Mette
  • Title: “Examining the Impact of Implementation Fidelity Mandates on Instructional Practices and Student Success”
    Author(s): Anita Hopkins
    Faculty Mentor: Ian Mette
  • Title: “Developing Concept-Focused Thinking in High School Science Learners”
    Author(s): Kate Bizzak
    Faculty Mentor: Tammy Mills
  • Title: “Examining How Teacher Educator Feedback Shapes Social-Justice Pre-Service Teacher Development”
    Author(s): Emily Hamby
    Faculty Mentor: Rebecca Buchanan
  • Title: “An Equity-Oriented Research Practice Partnership”
    Author(s): Madeline Howorth
    Faculty Mentor: Rebecca Buchanan
  • Title: “The Impacts of Feedback on Teacher Professional Growth”
    Author(s): Eric Hutchins
    Faculty Mentor: Ian Mette
  • Title: “Addressing the Educational Leadership Crisis: The Factors that Lead to Principal Retention”
    Author(s): Bill Tracy
    Faculty Mentor: Ian Mette
  • Title: “Teaching Comprehension Through Visual Literacy”
    Author(s): Katherine Bishop-Dunphy
    Faculty Mentor: Susan Bennett-Armistead
  • Title: “How Can We Make Formative Assessments More Equitable for English Language Learners?”
    Author(s): Carleen Goodsell
    Faculty Mentor: Tammy Mills
  • Title: “The Spark That Ignites: An Autoethnographic Journey Towards Agency and Choice-Based Education”
    Author(s): Katie Truesdale
    Faculty Mentor: Ian Mette
  • Title: “Reaffirming There is No ‘I’ in Team”
    Author(s): Melissa Lyons-Vitalone
    Faculty Mentor: Ian Mette
  • Title: “Reading Development in Adolescents and Adults: Development of a Technology-Based Instructional Tool (R-Tech)”
    Author(s): Nicole Cortez, Donato Apon, Raven Goodell, Lakshmana Silva, Hannah Yelle
    Faculty Mentor: Sara Flanagan
  • Title: “The Relative Age Effect and Ensuring Student Success Regardless of Birth Month”
    Author(s): Geoff Bruno
    Faculty Mentor: Maria Frankland
  • Title: “Multi-Hand Collaborative Digital Spatial Painting and Embodiment in Geometry Diagrams”
    Author(s): Camden Bock, Brooke Howlett, Joshua Bohm
    Faculty Mentor: Justin Dimmel
  • Title: “Understanding the Role of a Writer’s Physical Location and How it Perpetrates Their Habituated Practice”
    Author(s): Kursten Massey
    Faculty Mentor: Mary PlymaleLarlee
  • Title: “A Study in the Evolution of Educational Philosophies Across Three Centuries”
    Author(s): Laura Curioli
    Faculty Mentor: Joel Anderson