Research Learning Experience course for incoming ECS students, August 2023

Drs. Doughty, Kreutz, Kurbatov, Smith, and Yates led a successful RLE course during Bridge Week (Aug. 21-25, 2023) to welcome incoming ECS majors to our School. The “Explore Maine’s Environment” RLE took students on trips to Acadia National Park, Leonard’s Mills, the Stillwater River, and Borestone Mountain, and made observations in the field and laboratory to expose students to authentic research practices in the Earth and climate sciences. Students spent time with the Penobscot Riverkeeper Volunteers on the Stillwater River, made field measurements of stream and river conditions, performed analyses of sediment samples in the ECS Sediment laboratory, and visited the Sawyer Water Lab to learn about how their water samples were analyzed.

Borestone mountain
RLE students visiting the iconic Borestone mountain in Maine.