Andrei Kurbatov


  • ERS 319 – Geohazards and Humans (next  Spring 2023)
  • ERS 310 Field Methods in Earth Sciences (Summer)

Research Area:

My primary research focuses on understanding the Earth’s volcanism and climate. Volcanism is one of the important climate forcing component. In order to fully understand interactions of the volcano – climate system it is important to study past, preinstrumental records of volcanism and to evaluate impacts of selected volcanic eruptions on the climate system. Unfortunately, only limited instrumental and sporadic observational data of global volcanism are available. One of the most robust methods to reconstruct details of the impacts of volcanism on the past atmosphere (climate) is to study volcanic products (e.g., tephra and aerosols preserved in ice cores). Such volcanic products are found embedded into the snow on polar ice caps, and allow us to reconstruct the source, magnitude and timing of volcanic eruptions. Sampled layer by layer, ice cores capture paleoclimate records, including impacts of volcanic events.

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