Alice Doughty

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Undergraduate Advising

Welcome!  I advise first-year and transfer undergraduate students in the School of Earth and Climate Sciences.  If you are new to the university, we can talk about:

If you are transferring departments or institutions, we can talk about:

For current majors, we can talk about:

  • Becoming a research assistant and applying for internships
  • Finding a field camp or capstone project that is right for you
  • Next steps for after graduation (e.g., graduate school; environmental science; geology; consulting; mapping; mining and exploration; soil science; geochemistry; policy; science education; GIS certificate; hydrology; engineer; data analysis; government jobs)

Courses I Teach

ERS 101 – Intro to Geology (offered every fall and spring semester)

NFA 117 – Issues and Opportunities (offered in the fall)




I study how glaciers respond to climate over time.  My current research focuses on mountain glaciers in New Zealand, Uganda, and Colombia.  I use numerical models to grow glaciers to their former extents because models are the best way to test multiple possible scenarios.  The landscape tells a story and I aim to help interpret that story.



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