Graduate Funding

Research Assistantship Opportunities

Funding is available for graduate research assistants on a wide variety of research projects. Such funding is generated by individual faculty members as well as by groups of faculty. You may want to contact individual faculty regarding their current and imminent projects. We encourage all applicants who seek funding through graduate research assistantships to submit, in addition to the complete application package, a video of approximately 8 to 10 minutes, in which they describe their research interests, their background and experience in doing independent research, and their future goals. This movie may be uploaded to a video hosting site such as or with the url link forwarded to us or may be burned to a CD and mailed (please provide in QuickTime format if mailed on CD) to us as part of your graduate application. Posting in DropBox or similar site may be another option. (Note: Do NOT attempt to e-mail the large movie file). Submission of a video is particularly important for prospective graduate students whose first language is other than English.

Teaching Assistant Opportunities

Financial assistance is available on a competitive basis in the form of nine-month teaching assistantships. Teaching assistants help faculty members with classes. All assistantships are given for one year at a time. Satisfactory academic progress and satisfactory performance as an assistant are necessary, but not sufficient conditions for retaining an assistantship. Teaching Assistants (TAs) are evaluated by their students and the course instructor at the end of each semester. Assistantships are competitive and are given only to the very best students. Applicants interested in teaching assistantship opportunities should follow the instructions for submitting a video under the previous paragraph. All students are automatically considered and there is no separate application process.

Additional Financial Support Options

For general information on the range of grants, loans and scholarships available from Federal and other sources for graduate students, contact the Office of Student Financial Aid. University-wide assistantships and scholarships may be available. All full-time students are eligible to apply.

Many computer science students are supported through jobs on campus in various technical support roles. Openings are regularly posted here.