Computer Science Faculty

While all faculty members in the School of Computing and Information Science may contribute to teaching and research in any of its academic units, the core Computer Science Faculty members include:

Sudarshan Chawathe
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Office: 329 Boardman Hall
Phone: (207).581.3930
Lab: 225 East Annex

Phillip Dickens
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Office: 327 Boardman Hall
Phone: (207).581.3967
Lab: 226 East Annex

James Fastook
Professor of Computer Science
Office: 244 Boardman Hall
Phone: (207).581.2066 [preferred] or (207).581.3927
Lab: 222 East Annex

Sepideh Ghanavati
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Office: 234 Boardman Hall
Phone: (207).581.3218
Lab: 224 East Annex

Penny Rheingans
Professor of Computer Science, School Director
Office: 348A Boardman Hall
Phone: (207).581.2183

Carol Roberts
Lecturer, CS Undergraduate Co-Coordinator
Office: 248 Boardman Hall
Phone (207).581.3522

Roy Turner
Associate Professor  of Computer Science
Office: 240 Boardman Hall
Phone: (207).581.3909
Lab: 227 East Annex

Terry S. Yoo
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Office: 325 Boardman Hall
Phone: (207).581.4883

Adjunct Faculty

Curtis Meadow
Office: 247 Boardman Hall
Phone (207).581.3929

Larry Whitsel
Phone (207).581.5414

Faculty Emeriti

Tom Byther
Associate Professor Emeritus

Gerry Dube
Associate Professor Emeritus

Ed Ferguson
Professor Emeritus

George Markowsky
Professor Emeritus


Karen Kidder
Administrative Specialist
Phone (207).581.2188