Computer Science research is organized around several laboratories, each run by one or more professors. The labs allow students working on related research to interact closely with each other and with their advisors. At the time of writing, there are laboratories focusing on: artificial intelligence (multiagent systems, intelligent agent control, interagent communication, and computational ecology); high-performance computing; databases (autonomous and semistructured databases); software engineering; computational modeling; learning tools and environments for K-12; cybersecurity and homeland security. Details on each lab are listed below under Facilities.

Sample Past and Current Computer Science Research Projects 

Opportunities for Interdisciplinary Work: CS faculty also often work with faculty in other units on campus and researchers at other institutions (e.g., The Jackson Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory, Columbia University, Autonomous Undersea Systems Institute, etc.) on interdisciplinary work. Students can become involved in this research based on their interests and their advisors’ needs and interests