Department Description

The Office of Community Standards, Rights, and Responsibilities is a department operating within the Division of Student Affairs at the University of Maine.  The Office of Community Standards assists in maintaining the general welfare of the University community by promoting individual responsibility and personal development. The conduct process is designed to supplement the educational mission of the University by encouraging learning outcomes and responsible decision-making through its process, practices, and educational interventions.

The University Of Maine System Board of Trustees has developed a Student Conduct Code. The Office of Community Standards is authorized to establish and administer the Student Conduct Code for the flagship campus at Orono.  The purpose of the Student Conduct Code is to maintain the general welfare of the University community. The University of Maine System Student Code of Conduct and other important policies can be found on our Policies and Forms page.

The University strives to make the campus community a place of study, work, and residence where people are treated, and treat one another, with respect and courtesy. The University views the student conduct process as a learning experience with goals of personal and academic growth, personal responsibility, and understanding and appreciation of the students enrolled in the University community and the greater community.

All students must follow these standards. Students who violate these standards will be subject to the actions described herein. These procedures are designed to provide fairness to all who are involved in the conduct process.

With many of our students returning to campus, the Office of Community Standards, Rights, and Responsibilities (OCSRR) staff is present and open. In addition to work typical of an average academic year, OCSRR will be addressing concerns around COVID-19 safety protocols/procedures and will be focused on the continued support of academic integrity in the classroom as some courses have moved to a hybrid or online modality.

What We Do

While a large portion of the Office of Community Standards, Rights, and Responsibilities is tied to the Student Conduct Code and the Student Conduct Process, our office does have other responsibilities, including, but not limited to:

Dean’s Certification

To request Dean’s Certifications, Release of Disciplinary Records, or Transfer Forms, please submit those requests here. Please allow for seven (7) business days for the completion of these requests and fourteen (14) business days for any release of disciplinary records that may require the redaction of other students’ information from the record.

Student  Behavior Review Team (SBRT)

Staff in the Office of Community Standards, Rights, and Responsibilities assist in reviewing cases of students in distress. More information and resources concerning the SBRT can be found on the SBRT webpage

Classroom and Student Organization Training/Presentations

These presentations are offered through the Office of Community Standards, Rights, and Responsibilities or our campus partners.  Links to more information are included as well as the hosting office contact information.

First Amendment/Free Speech: A presentation over the first amendment and free speech on a college campus given by staff in the Office of Community Standards, Rights, and Responsibilities.  The presentation covers what is allowed, what is not allowed, and resources for making sure students know their rights when it comes to free speech.

Student Conduct Code Hearing Board Training: The University of Maine System conduct officers present this training once every fall and spring semester and it is intended for those students, staff, or faculty who have an interest in the Student Conduct Code process.  By participating in this training, individuals are able to sit on hearing boards, appeals committees, and assist in reviewing student conduct cases. 

Hazing Awareness and Prevention: This training is given by staff in the Division of Student Life annually to student groups and Greek organizations.  It is intended to bring awareness to hazing, how to spot the signs of hazing, and resources for those who may have experienced hazing. 

Bystander Intervention Training: This training is offered through the Student Wellness Resource Center and encompasses general guidance on how to assist as a bystander when you come across an individual in distress or emergency situation. 

For more information regarding these trainings please email us at or call us at 207.581.1406. 

Title IX

Our staff work closely with the Deputy Title IX Coordinator and other staff members in our Title IX Student Services Office on matters related to, and covered under, Title IX (sexual assault, dating violence, interpersonal violence, pregnancy and parenting, and more).  If you have a concern related to Title IX please reach out to their staff directly at or visit their website for more resources. 

Academic Integrity

The Office of Community Standards, Rights, and Responsibilities collaborates with faculty in implementing and upholding the University of Maine System Academic Integrity Policy.  More information and resources for Academic Integrity can be found on our Academic Integrity webpage.