Academic Integrity and Student Conduct

Student Academic Integrity Policy

Academic integrity violations strike at the heart of the educational mission of the University of Maine System. The academic community of the University of Maine System recognizes that adherence to high principles of academic integrity is vital to the academic function of the University. Academic integrity is based upon honesty. All students of the University are expected to be honest in their academic endeavors. All academic work should be performed in a manner that will provide an honest reflection of the knowledge and abilities of each student. All members of the academic community should regard any breach of academic honesty as a serious offense.

In accordance with the System’s mission, campuses within the System have increased cooperative programs with each other to provide better access to courses and programs for students. Students are taking University courses while still in high school, the number of non-traditional students is increasing as is enrollment in on-line and asynchronous courses, and students are increasingly taking courses from multiple campuses during the same semester. All of these factors represent positive change because they represent increased educational opportunity for all students. These factors also require that the University of Maine System adopt this System Academic Integrity Policy to set forth specific and uniform standards of academic integrity that will apply to all courses on all campuses within the System.

Each University campus may adopt procedures for carrying out the provisions of this Policy within the guidelines set forth by this Policy as described below, as long as those campus procedures are consistent with this Policy. Professional schools, such as the School of Law, having a professional code of ethics may adopt additional procedural provisions to be applicable to their own students, as long as they are consistent with this Policy and all procedural requirements of this Policy are met.