Community Standards, Rights, and Responsibilities Staff

Portrait of David FiaccoDavid Fiacco (he/him)
Director of Community Standards, Rights, and Responsibilities
315 Memorial Union

James Psalidas (he/him)
Student Affairs Fellow
315 Memorial Union

Campus Partners and Resources

Heather Hogan (she/her)
Deputy Title IX Coordinator
308 Memorial Union

University of Maine Counseling Center
Counseling Center Website
125 Cutler Health Center

TJ England (he/him)
Assistant Director of the Student Wellness Resource Center
149 Memorial Union

University of Maine Police Department
UMPD Website
81 Rangeley Road

Sean S. O’Mara, Esq. (he/him)
Student Legal Services
157 Memorial Union

Cutler Health Center
Cutler Health Website
5721 Long Road

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