Student Conduct Overview

Incident Report: An incident report is a documentation of an alleged violation to the Student Code of Conduct filed with the Office of Community Standards, Rights, and Responsibilities.

Conduct Hearing:  An administrative hearing before a conduct hearing officer to determine whether or not a violation to the Code of Conduct occurred.

No appeal: There is no appeal filed to challenge the findings of the conduct hearing officer.

Student Conduct Code Committee: A review by a committee of atleast three (3) people based on procedural error, consideration of new evidence, and inappropriate sanctioning. SCCC review allowed when a student is suspended/dismissed or in the case of a Title IX violation.

Presidential Review: The final review panel appointed by the Campus President or their designee that reviews cases on the basis of procedural error, consideration of new evidence, and inappropriate sanctioning. This level of review is available only to students who have been suspended/dismissed or are an involved party in a Title IX case.

Following a Conduct Hearing

FREE Legal Services

For students managing summons or other legal troubles, the University of Maine Student Government offers free legal aid to any undergraduate taking more than 6 credit hours who has paid the student activity fee. This legal service can provide advice, information, a referral to services, or some simple legal forms. Court representation is not included for free, but can be provided at a reduced rate in certain cases.

Sean S. O’Mara, Esq.

Student Legal Services
Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 9:30am to 5:00pm
5748 Memorial Union, Room 157
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