Student Behavioral Review Team (SBRT)

Recognizing the need and benefit of having a team approach to student behavioral issues, the University of Maine Division of Student Life established its multi-disciplinary Student Behavioral Review Team in 2007. In creating one of the first teams to review student cases, UMaine has established itself as a leader in this area in both Maine and in the northeast.

SBRT is a team of professionals from across the campus and across disciplines that reviews cases and recommends to the Vice President for Student Life timely responses and interventions for student situations where student behavior raises concern. The goal is always to fashion a careful and appropriate outreach or intervention to student who are struggling in or outside the classroom.

The team depends on referrals from all parts of campus and beyond. If you are concerned, please fill out our SBRT reporting link (click here) or contact the Sr. Associate Dean of Students, Kenda Scheele at 207.581.1406 (weekdays) or via email at: If this is an emergency, please call 207.581.4040 (24/7).