Student Behavioral Review Team (SBRT)

About SBRT

The Division of Student Life has developed the Student Behavior Review Team (SBRT) which will review any student situation that involves medical, mental health or behavioral problems. The Student Behavior Review Team meetings will provide a forum for professional consultation and collaboration regarding students whose behavior has caused significant concern for faculty, staff or other students, or disruption of the community or the academic pursuits of other students. This team will review each situation that comes to their attention to determine the facts of the situation and develop a strategy for further fact-finding, intervention, management, and/or referral to appropriate resources.

SBRT’s Mission

The mission of the University of Maine Student Behavior Review Team is to promote and support:

    1. The health and safety of the campus community, and
    2. Community member health, wellbeing, and success by coordinating information and developing support plans for people of concern.

The team depends on referrals from all parts of campus and beyond. If you are concerned, please fill out our SBRT reporting form or contact the Division of Student Life at 207.581.1406. If this is an emergency, please call the University of Maine Police Department at 207.581.4040.

Student Behaviors of Concern

The following list is a non-exhaustive list of concerning behaviors the SBRT discuss at meetings.  For more information about concerning behaviors please see our Concerning Behaviors page.

    • Suicide
    • Suicide ideation/attempts/behavior
    • Self-injury
    • Threats of harm to self or others
    • Violence
    • Destruction of property
    • Extensive attention seeking
    • Serious or repeated student conduct code violations
    • Patterns of disordered eating
    • Excessive substance abuse
    • Behaviors that alarm, frighten, or raise significant concern among others, such as:
      • Extreme isolation
      • Noticeable symptoms of depression
      • Classroom outbursts
      • Anxiety
      • Other possible mental illnesses