Nontraditional Student Graduation and Awards

Nontraditional Student Graduation BreakfastGraduating Nontraditional Student Achievement Award photo

All nontraditional student who  will graduate in May, August or December
of that year are invited to attend a special graduation breakfast during
the last week of classes of Spring semester. Each non trad graduate is
recognized and receives a special “non trad grad” medallion. Graduates
are encouraged to wear these medallions at their UM commencement

Graduating Nontraditional Student Achievement Award

The  Graduating Nontraditional Student Achievement Award recognizes graduating non-traditional students who have shown a passion for learning, a commitment for their academic program, and contributed significantly to the university community while managing the multiple life roles of a nontraditional student. Students are nominated by friends, faculty, or staff in late spring semester. Winners are chosen by Student Life  staff and awarded  at the Nontraditional  Student Graduation Breakfast.

2015: Jean Desrochers, A.J. Rutherford, Jonathan Torsch

2014: Nicole Curtis-Bray  Theresa McMannus,  and Kristina Devine

2013: Nicole Golden-Bouchard,  Mark Brunton,  and Dora McCarthy

2012: Kelly Gagne, Lucas Rumler, and Lori Watson

2011:  Jason Canniff

2010:  Kathleen O’Connell, Lee Malvin, Christine Paluga, and Erinn Rossignoll

2009: Darith James, Meghan McPhee, and Valerie J. Mitchell.

The Linda Bradford Nontraditional Student Community Award

2015: Joshua Blaine and  Jonathan Roy

2014: Moriah Geer

2013:  Linda Bradford

 Faculty and Staff Who Support and Assist Nontraditional Students

CNTSP and the Non traditional Student Association ( NSA)  recognizes faculty and staff  for their extraordinary support and encouragement of nontraditional students.This award recognizes UMaine faculty and staff members who have shown sensitivity to the diverse learning styles and the multifaceted lives of nontraditional undergraduate students. Through student interactions and program design, they recognize the rich contributions that nontraditional students make. They have provided support, assistance and advocacy for the non-traditional students at the University of Maine. Faculty and staff are nominated by students in late spring semester. Winners are chosen by CNTSP staff and active members of the Non-traditional Students Association who have not submitted a nomination.

2015: Raymond Hintz, Professor  Surveying Engineering Technology, SVT

2014: Pat Burns, Associate Professor of English and Director of College Composition.
Lisa Morin,  Coordinator of the Bodewell Volunteer Center
Barbara Smith, Staff Associate for Student Life, CNTSP

2013: AnneMarie Reed, Associate Director, Campus Activities and Student Engagement, CASE

2012: Tina Passman, Associate Professor, Classical languages & Literature, Interim Director of Peace Studies, Cooperating faculty  for Community      Inclusion and Disabilities Studies
Ann Smith, Instructor and Director of Disability Support Services
Eva Wagner, Educational Coordinator , University of Maine Museum of Art

2011: Jane Wellman-Little , Phyllis Brazee, The Senior Alumni

2009: Sandra Caron, Kathy Ingraham, and Ginger Hwalek.