Matthew Foster

Having just completed his BFA in Sculpture, Matthew is now working as the sculpture technician for the Department of Art. He is also continuing to make and exhibit his sculpture. Matthew approaches each of his pieces as a type of self-portrait and reflection of personal experience.  “The focus of my work is on the relationship between forms, repetition, and perceived motion. Our universe is in a constant state of entropy; ever expanding. Naturally in motion from order to chaos, a loss of information that is slowly coming to a stop, and will reverse back in upon itself, where it will start all over again.”  He worked in 2011 and 2012 for the Schoodic International Sculpture Symposium as an Intern/Artists assistant. In the summer of 2011 he worked directly with Hitoshi Tanaka, a Japanese stone sculptor to create Tanakas’ sculpture Window of the Sea Wind.  In 2012, he worked with a number of artists, helping them complete their large scale sculptural work.