Our Facilities

The Department of Art has excellent facilities throughout the campus. We have recently renovated Lord Hall and built new facilities – the Wyeth Family Studio Art Center and the Goos Family Studio. Soon we hope to renovate the Sculpture Studio into a state-of-the-art space. Our facilities and modern equipment allow us to offer superb instruction in Art Education, Art History, and Studio Art in safe and comfortable classrooms, workshop spaces, and studio environments.


The spacious painting studio is located in the Wyeth Center. Featuring large windows with adjustable shades and an open floorplan, the studio offers a modern and comfortable space for students to work with acrylic paint, water-soluble oil paint, and other water-based media. 


In the drawing studio, adjacent to the painting studio in Wyeth, students work with graphite, charcoal, Conté crayon, and ink.


Housed in the Old Fire Station near the Collins Center for the Arts, students gain hands-on experience in the department’s sculpture facility. The open studio features a woodshop, foundry, and safe, modern equipment. Students are able to investigate the creative and communicative possibilities of plaster sculpture, mold making, stone carving, clay studies, basic wood joinery, welding, forging, and aluminum and bronze casting.


In fall 2021 the department’s ceramics facility moved from the Old Fire Station to the newly-renovated Goos Family Studio in York Village. This immersive studio offers introductory hand-building courses that focus on functional and sculptural work as well as surface decoration and form. It utilizes low temperature (1764-1915 degrees F) ceramic materials.

Lord Hall

In the fall of 2006, the department moved into a completely renovated Lord Hall, located on the mall. This 1904 brick building is the home for Art Education, Art History, and the gallery. Lord Hall also houses the department’s administrative offices and some of the instructional studios for digital art and 2-D design.

Lord Hall Gallery

The department’s gallery is located in the historic Lord Hall. The gallery hosts six exhibitions each year, featuring work by students, faculty, and invited artists from around the world. Lord Hall Gallery is a bright, modern space that serves as the cultural center of the department.

Digital Art

Students studying graphic design, digital art, and animation work in Mac Labs that feature the latest Mac hardware, drawing tablets, and relevant software. Our Mac Labs feature ergonomic workstations and chairs.

Wyeth Family Studio Art Center

Opened for the fall 2013 semester, the Wyeth Family Studio Art Center is a state-of-the-art visual arts complex featuring light, open, airy, purpose-built studios for Painting, Drawing, 3-D Design, Photography, and Printmaking. 

For a virtual tour of the facility, see here.


The department’s renowned printmaking studio is located in the Wyeth Center. It is a state-of-the-art non-toxic, green facility that supports academic courses, technical print research, and professional Open Access and Print Residency programs. 

For more about the printmaking studio facilities, see here.


The Wyeth Center houses the department’s darkroom, which has sixteen enlargers and ample room for safe experimentation. The photography study and critique room are adjacent to the darkroom.

Four a virtual of the darkroom, see here