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Faculty: Susan Groce, Professor of Art

Technician: Kendra Green

The University of Maine, Department of Art offers both the Liberal Arts based B.A. degree in Studio Art and the B.F.A. degree in Studio Art with a concentration in Printmaking. The Printmaking program at the University of Maine, moved into the Wyeth Center in 2012. Our new print studio is a state-of-the-art ‘green’ print facility which brings together a cross section of academic courses, technical print research, and printmaking workshops* with post graduate and professional Open Access* and Print Residency* programs. We have been devoted to investigating and using safer, less toxic print media since 1995. Our new facility brings together Print, Digital, and Photography and is housed side by side with the New Media innovation, Research, and Development Center at UMaine. Coursework within the program is guided by conceptual exploration and development of technical aptitude. Embracing environmental responsibility and personal safety in the studio, we have capacity to cover a full compliment of print processes: Intaglio (acrylic resist etching grounds, photopolymer films), Lithography (polyester plate), Water-based screen, Photomechanical and Digital processes, Relief (linoleum, woodcut, laser cut), Collagraph, Monoprint, Book Arts, Type Setting and integration of print media with installation, site-specific, and interdisciplinary practice. Our program welcomes educational exchange, innovation in technique, and emerging technologies that push the parameters of printmaking.

*The Open Access program is by application and designed for artists working at advanced level in printmaking, without need of instruction. In Open Access, The Wyeth Center print equipment and facility are made available to artists to work independently.

*In the Print Residency program, artist or master printer-artist collaborators are invited to work in the studio for a set period of time and contribute to academic print classes via lecture, demo, presentation, or student engagement in print project/production.

*Intensive short-term printmaking workshops are offered intermittently in various print media with potential for earning Continuing Education Units.

For more information on these programs, please contact Susan Groce: sgroce@maine.edu

Visit the UMaine Printmaking Facebook page