Climate Change

Scientists in the field with equipmentClimate Change, including internationally recognized research, and highly integrated undergraduate and graduate educational opportunities, as well as an emerging academic focus on changing ecosystems and climate — impact on animal and human health. The Climate Change Institute has evolved beyond a singular focus on research to be a leader and a vehicle for broad integration of climate change strengths across campus and statewide.

UMaine Today

Cold context
Internationally recognized climate scientist Paul Mayewski documents the past to ensure the future

Farming the sea
Maine’s aquaculture industry grows through research, innovation and collaboration

A century in Acadia
The symbiosis between a national park and Maine’s public research university

Stellar in STEM
UMaine boasts five NSF Graduate Research Fellows

Back to the future
Ph.D. student mines ancient coastal middens to inform fisheries challenged by warming Gulf of Maine waters

Thinking big
Protecting ecosystems could begin with the restoration of the largest species

Save the snow
Undergraduate concerned with current, near-future climate change

Extreme weather
Researchers look at the effects of a changing environment on Maine’s marine waterways, croplands and municipalities

Maine migrants
State’s leading bird biologists are studying the effects of changing habitat on sandpipers during their short stopovers

How sweet it is
UMaine research focuses on the state’s syrup production

The gulf
Will warming waters change Maine marine life as we know it?

Wonders of science
UMaine researchers who have changed our views of life on Earth