Northeastern Americas: Humanities Research and Education

Maine Folklife Center display boardsNortheastern Americas: Humanities Research and Education, focusing on scholarship of New England, Quebec and Atlantic Canada. The area is distinctive in its international scope, its multicultural depth and its array of campuswide programs, including the Canadian-American Center, Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center, Maine Folklife Center, Franco American Programs, Native American Programs and Humanities Center, as well as the departments of History, English, Art and Modern Languages. Interdisciplinary, regional research contributes to understanding Maine’s cross-border economy, and it provides interpretative resources for the state’s “creative economy” and its heritage-based tourist industry.

UMaine Today

Then and now
Three humanities research projects bring Maine history to life

Ode to nature
Greg Ondo’s art is elemental, with methods and materials intrinsically linked to the environment

The making of an opera
A poet and a composer collaborate to create a new work in an age-old genre