Forestry and the Environment

Man cutting a tree stump with a chainsawForestry and the Environment, focusing on sustainable forests and the forest-based economy, and education in forests, wildlife and the environment. UMaine is nationally and internationally recognized in its advanced wood composites, wood processing, biofuels, wood chemistry and forest resources research. A signature strength for teaching is UMaine’s location, providing unique opportunities for hands-on educational experiences in Maine’s forest and aquatic resources, and in communities statewide.

UMaine Today

A century in Acadia
The symbiosis between a national park and Maine’s public research university

Seeing forests and trees
Stephen Shaler is on cutting edge of composite product development

Outbreak in the North Woods
UMaine partners with Maine Forest Service, Maine Forest Products Council for disaster preparedness in advance of the next spruce budworm infestation

Alternative futures
Modeling technique helps communities visualize how, why landscapes evolve

The comeback
The American Chestnut Foundation and UMaine join forces to help the ‘redwood of the East’ battle back from the brink

Extreme weather
Researchers look at the effects of a changing environment on Maine’s marine waterways, croplands and municipalities