Climate Change

Research points to ancient, undisturbed Antarctic ice core, media report

Gizmodo, Quartz and LabRoots reported on a new study published in Geophysical Research Letters by researchers at the University of Washington and University of Maine. The current record for a continuous ice core is 800,000 years, but the new research shows an even older continuous core may exist deep within the Allan Hills Blue Ice […]

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Isenhour interviewed for News Center Maine report on plastic straws

Cindy Isenhour, an assistant professor of anthropology and climate change at the University of Maine and a cooperating faculty member at the Climate Change Institute, was interviewed by News Center Maine for a report on reducing plastic straw waste. Many restaurants in Maine, from Portland to Bar Harbor, are looking for alternatives to plastic straws […]

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Press Herald reports on new UMaine energy proposal

The Portland Press Herald reported on the University of Maine’s new energy proposal that calls for biomass and solar. UMaine would get much of its heat and electricity from an on-campus Renewable Energy Center fueled by locally harvested wood and a huge solar array, according to a plan being negotiated by the University of Maine […]

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Jacquelyn Gill

NSF CAREER Award to fund unique research project

Explaining the dynamics of an ice age landscape to a classroom of middle-schoolers can be a daunting challenge for teachers. Researchers in the lab examine evidence such as pollen and other tiny fossils, and particulate matter contained in sediment core samples to “see” what the ancient landscape once was. But how can this data be […]

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Isenhour, grad student guests on Maine Public’s ‘Maine Calling’

Cynthia Isenhour, a professor of anthropology and climate change at the University of Maine and an associate at the Senator George J. Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions; and Sara Lowden, an anthropology and environmental policy Ph.D. student at UMaine, were recent guests on Maine Public’s “Maine Calling” radio show. The show focused on anthropology and […]

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Press Herald quotes Fernandez in article on effort to cut greenhouse gas emissions

Ivan Fernandez, a professor of soil science and forest resources at the University of Maine, was quoted in the Portland Press Herald article, “Views clash as DEP readies greenhouse gas reduction forced by citizen initiative.” Maine environmental regulators heard hours of testimony on a citizen-initiated proposal that would require the state to cut greenhouse gas […]

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VillageSoup previews Camden presentation on Maine’s changing climate

VillageSoup advanced a presentation on the realities of Maine’s changing climate set for 7 p.m. May 15 at the Camden Public Library. The presentation will be led by Esperanza Stancioff, a University of Maine Cooperative Extension and Maine Sea Grant climate change educator, and Ivan Fernandez, a professor of soil science and forest resources at […]

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National Geographic quotes Lyon in article on extreme Mongolian winters

Bradfield Lyon, an associate research professor in climate analysis at the University of Maine, spoke with National Geographic for the article, “The dangers of dzud, Mongolia’s lethal winters.” For the second time this decade, extreme winter conditions on the Mongolian steppe caused extensive die-offs of animals that traditional herding communities rely on for their survival, […]

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Thwaites Glacier

Campbell, Hall part of massive UK-US examination of Antarctic glacier

The Thwaites Glacier in remote West Antarctica is losing 50 billion tons of ice a year and polar scientists say it could collapse within decades. The resulting rapid sea-level rise would increase vulnerability for 40 percent of the world’s population — approximately 3 billion people — living within 60 miles of the coast. So reducing […]

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