Climate Change

A photo of Earth at night from space

Evolution might stop humans from solving climate change, says new study

Central features of human evolution may stop our species from resolving global environmental problems like climate change, says a new study led by the University of Maine. Humans have come to dominate the planet with tools and systems to exploit natural resources that were refined over thousands of years through the process of cultural adaptation […]

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Nature World News advances first-ever study of cultural adaptation to climate change

In a story titled “UNESCO Introduces Cultural Climate Change as a New Way to Track Global Development,” Nature World News advanced the first-ever study of cultural adaptation to climate change, which was conducted by University of Maine and University of Vermont researchers. Tim Waring, associate professor with the UMaine Senator George J. Mitchell Center for […]

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Washington Post interviews Gill about communicating climate emergency

The Washington Post interviewed Jacquelyn Gill, an associate professor of paleoecology and plant ecology at the University of Maine, about discussing climate change as an emergency. When it comes to terms like “climate emergency,” Gill said, “it’s a little bit of strategy and a lot of honesty.” Gill also said in regards to global warming, […]

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Gill discusses ‘better path ahead’ for conservation with Maine Public

Jacquelyn Gill, an associate professor of paleoecology and plant ecology at the University of Maine, spoke with Maine Public for a story titled “Humans may be the ultimate invasive. This Maine scientist sees a better path ahead.” Gill said “if we could take a page from many Indigenous cultures throughout the world, and rather than […]

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Hindustan Times cites Climate Reanalyzer temperature data

In a story about how the global temperatures may increase more than 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, the Hindustan Times cited air temperature provided by University of Maine Climate Change Institute’s Climate Reanalyzer indicating that since June, “temperatures have been significantly above the long-term mean of 1979 to 2000, and possibly highest ever.”

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A photo of Robert Steneck

UMaine researcher who helped reshape marine science in Maine retires

When Bob Steneck came to the University of Maine in 1982, there were few marine ecologists in the state, and none interacted with fishermen. He was among the first in Maine to work with lobstermen on research, traveling with them on their boats, diving to the seafloor to study lobsters and sharing his findings with […]

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News Center features UMaine faculty developing new resource for energy transitions in underserved communities

News Center Maine reported on the Environmental Protection Agency awarding $1.125 million to Sharon Klein and Caroline Noblet, both University of Maine associate professors of economics, to develop a new resource for addressing the drivers and environmental impacts of energy transitions in underserved and Tribal communities. They will engage with indigenous, rural and low-income communities […]

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