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Welcome to the School of Earth and Climate Sciences

These are challenging times in which energy supply, climate change and environmental sustainability are major world concerns. Earth and climate scientists play a central role in these and other important issues, and the career opportunities have never looked better. Majoring in these fields can lead to a career that involves:
  • travel to interesting world destinations
  • exciting events like earthquakes, coastal storms and volcanic eruptions
  • work that makes a difference to people and the planet

Please explore to see what we are about!

What Earth and Climate Scientists Do

Majoring in Earth Sciences
Earth and climate scientists play a critical role in supplying the world with energy, predicting the consequences of climate change, and protecting our natural environment. They also provide key recommendations to government authorities and law makers.

Majoring in Earth and Climate Sciences

Graduate Program

Student Life

Student Life
With its new building and emphasis on student research, the School of Earth and Climate Sciences provides a great environment for student learning. There are also lots of fun summer and winter outdoor activities available!

Read more about undergraduate and graduate student life.


The School of Earth and Climate Sciences, in close collaboration with the Climate Change Institute, is recognized around the world for its leadership across a broad range of research topics from climate change to geodynamics. Read more in our Research page, where you can also read about our modern facilities.

Earth and Climate Sciences Research


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