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ADVANCE Rising Tide Goals

Our focus is on increasing the percentage of women faculty in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and Social-Behavioral Science (SBS) fields to diversify the workforce. Methods include improving the climate at UMaine, reducing isolation and providing professional development opportunities for women faculty.

Learn more about the mission of the ADVANCE Rising Tide Center.

This work is funded by National Science Foundation ADVANCE IT Grant No. 1008498. The findings, opinions and recommendations expressed herein are those of the investigators and do not necessarily represent the views of the National Science Foundation.

Rising Tide Leadership

While the University of Maine's ADVANCE grant is directed at retaining and advancing women faculty in STEM and Social and Behavioral Sciences, working toward this goal benefits all UMaine faculty.

Read more from Dr. Hecker, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, and ADVANCE Principal Investigator.

Welcome to the Rising Tide Center at the University of Maine! Our work is guided by the notion that “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

Read a message from Dr. Amy Blackstone, Professor and Chair of Sociology, and Director of the ADVANCE Rising Tide Center.

Meet the ADVANCE co-investigators here, and follow this link to learn more about our partners.


SAVE THE DATE: May 17, 2016. That's the date of the 5th annual Rising Tide networking event, ADVANCING Women in Academia. Erin Kelly, whose research was recently featured in the work issue of the New York Times magazine, will offer the keynote. Watch for more information about the event soon, but mark your calendars today!

ADVANCING TO FULL: On April 28, you can participate in a panel discussion intended to prepare you for promotion to full professor. Learn more by visiting our EVENTS page.

GOT BIAS? You're not alone. We all have subtle biases that affect our actions. Join the Rising Tide Advocates and Allies on APRIL 26 to learn how to reduce implicit biases in the workplace, and beyond. Register for this special event here.

ADVANCING WOMEN IN ACADEMIA: May 17. Watch for more info here soon!

Honoring Excellence

The Rising Tide Center is pleased to recognize Rebecca Van Beneden and Adrienne White with ADVANCE Career Recognition Awards for 2016.

On APRIL 22 we'll honor these outstanding women faculty.

Register for the celebration, including presentations by Becky and Adrienne, here.
Congratulations to Rebecca and Adrienne, two women who set the standard for faculty excellence at UMaine!

Rising Tide Advocates & Allies

Advocates and Allies support ADVANCE initiatives because they recognize that an equitable climate is good for everyone.

The first step to improving our climate is recognizing that we all have biases. Take the implicit association test linked here to explore the subtle notions that may be affecting your actions. Then view this 1-hour training developed at Facebook to help employees recognize and manage bias.

Consider joining the Rising Tide Advocates & Allies on APRIL 26 to hear practical and useful strategies that can be applied to address implicit bias in diverse environments and situations.

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