Congratulations Amy!


2020 Excellence in Faculty Mentoring Award

Amy Blackstone

Professor of Sociology
Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center



Recipients of the Excellence in Faculty Mentoring Award consistently demonstrate the following attributes: 

♦ Offers sound counsel and valuable information to their faculty mentees in order to advance and develop the mentee’s own path to professional success;
♦ Generously shares his or her valuable time and expertise in providing feedback on the faculty mentee’s work;
♦ Helps to create a vital and engaged academic community in their unit and at the University of Maine;
♦ Involves faculty mentees in publications, grants, and conferences, as well as readily sharing knowledge of such opportunities;
♦ Makes others aware of the contributions and the value of their faculty mentees;
♦ Serves as a role model for faculty colleagues by maintaining high standards for excellence within his or her own discipline and at the broader campus level.

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Click on the images below to view a brief video, where available, featuring the outstanding mentor and their nominator. 

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2014Sandra Sigmon
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2015Becky Van Beneden
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2019Jasmine Saros