To supplement departmental mentoring initiatives, the Rising Tide Center taps into the expertise of our long time faculty to support and retain less experienced faculty who could use some help finding success at UMaine.

Targeted mentoring benefits the mentor and the mentee with a small, focused commitment. Based on their interests and experience, senior faculty volunteer to share their unique expertise through mentoring. Junior faculty select topics to develop skills in specific areas of academia such as establishing a research program, preparing competitive grant applications, or establishing a reputation as a scholar. The Rising Tide Center connects mentors and mentees to facilitate establishment of critical mentoring relationships.

Retaining talented faculty across all ranks is critical to the strategic mission of UMaine. To volunteer as a mentor, please call the Rising Tide Center today.

DEPARTMENTAL MENTORING Dr. Jeff Hecker chatting with Dr. Linda Silka at a Rising Tide event.

Need help developing a faculty mentoring plan for your unit? In collaboration with faculty, the Rising Tide Center has prepared this guide and these other resources to help with mentoring efforts.


Qualified mentors willing to share their experience with new and junior faculty are always needed. Please call the ADVANCE Rising Tide Center if you can help!


Who makes a good mentor? Use this checklist to see if you fit the bill. (PDF)


Check out the links below to see if a mentor could advance your professional development.  This program is open to all faculty, regardless of rank, gender or discipline.

Mentoring Program Overview for Mentees (PDF)


The EXCELLENCE IN FACULTY MENTORING Award honors a UMaine faculty member who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to faculty mentoring supporting junior faculty in developing their careers by offering advice and guidance that reflects a deep understanding of their department, their college, or the institution. The award is meant to recognize the process by which faculty serve as role models, promoting the professional development of their colleagues, and creating inclusive and positive working environments.

To learn more, to view a video featuring UMaine’s Outstanding Mentors for 2016 and 2017, or to nominate your mentor, visit our Faculty Mentoring Awards page.